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Maybe it could be good to specify in the tittle of the video, when man record the first instrumental cover use a metronome....
Even if I'm a drummer, I'm not always a metronome beliver! But I think, based on the fact that a studio record (when it's not a "live" record) is often record with a metronome, that for songs with rythmical instruments, it could be more easy!

Hi Powcow,

That's a very good point!
We'll try to add quickly new fields in "Post a new cover" form:
- I used a metronome (yes/no - not mandatory)
- tempo (listbox with possible speeds - not mandatory)

We'll keep you informed if that is possible, and when it's done.
Thank you for your post!

A unique field has been added to the "Solo cover" form:
This (optional) field is a single value selector where the user can choose a value between 40 to 208.
This may help music partners to play synchronously with the original cover.
Thank you again for this suggestion