Challenge CoverWithMe - June 2014

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Challenge CoverWithMe - June 2014

Hi dear members,

Let's talk about this challenge on this topic, and let's propose a song to cover!
Challenge description

At this time, here are the titles proposed below. Let's go!

Chers membres,

Ce sujet est dédié au Challenge CoverWithMe du mois de Juin 2014, proposez des chansons dont on pourrait réaliser des covers !
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Voici les propositions actuelles ci-dessous ; à vous de jouer !

  • U2 - "Ordinary Love"
  • Roger Glover - "Love is all" (Ronnie James Dio version)
  • Emilie Gassin - "A little bit of love"
  • Irma - "I know"
  • Des'ree - "You gotta be"
  • Julian Perretta - "Wonder why"

Good songs, fun and available to all!
I expect you find musicians for this challenge!
Unfortunately I'm not at home this month...

Thank you Powcow,
Only the first step will be closed in June, afterwards we'll "recruit" musicians/singers, and we'll "prepare" the cover, that will take some days, at least.
I have no date to provide now, but we'll keep you all informed about the next steps and calendar. Maybe you'll be available?

I propose the song "I know" by Irma.
Hope to find everyone for this challenge !

Hi Snoupi!
That's a very nice song, perfect for all instruments: guitar, bass, drums, voice...

Thank you for your propositions!
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You can vote now in this topic for one of these songs:
(register for free in order to vote)

Merci pour vos propositions !
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Vous pouvez maintenant voter dans ce sujet de discussion pour l'une des chansons suivantes :
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Hi all!
I vote for Emilie Gassin - "A little bit of love"!

I vote Irma

Love is all !

I vote Roger Glover too!

Obviously Love is all

Lolo smiley

I vote for "Ordinary love" !

+ 1 for Emilie Gassin - a little bit of love Smile

And the winner is Roger Glover with "Love is All"!

More info soon about this future collaborative cover! 

Challenge description
Challenge description

Congratulations to juliend who proposed "Love is all"!

Now every member of CWM can participate!

Also, help us now to recruit musicians/singers to make a cover with many persons/tracks!
(in order to participate, you must have a CoverWithMe account).

I propose to find a drummer first, then all members will be able to use the drums track to play with perfect synchronization.

So let's find a drummer first! Any registered drummer is interested in doing this cover?

Hi all!

I can do a drum track on tomorrow!


Great Powcow!

Thank you for your reactivity

Don't hesitate to give us all information that could help other musicians : on which song you base your work (maybe with a youtube video as model) or other details.

Welcome on this project!

Do I cut the "waltz" part after the 2nd refrain?

(starting 1:55 here


I can record guitars or backing vocals, or both. Whatever needed, whenever wanted

Hi all !
I'm glad you participate too Josieber! You're welcome for both vocals and guitars of course

Powcow, all: should we take as model this version:

as it's easier to sing (lower tonality), moreover it could help to watch the orcherstra play, especially drums.

It would be great to integrate the waltz part, it's the central part of the song, do you agree?

We have all the time! Maybe it will be necessary to do some "drafts", some tries before every musician is ok. Step by step we should obtain something great!

Do you think you could propose a complete drums track powcow?

Another point: I'll try to contact a saxophonist friend, the one who played in the trailer of CoverWithMe.

Don't hesitate to share ideas or feedbacks here!


Yes no problem, I can do a complete drum track, I was not sure if we make the waltz too cause of the acceleration but there's no problem! I try to record and mix tomorrow!

I can do the bass part if there's nobody else yet ?

No you're the first one! Welcome in the band! Smile Is there any idea about this band's name? Wink

Congrats Powcow!

Your drums track is great! Thank you very much for your motivation Smile

Here is the link:

Who's the next one to have fun? Smile

ps: we need to decide the tone, because it's very hard to sing as high as in the original song...

Hi everyone,

The link to drums track is a dead-link (page not found).

Have fun!


The link is corrected, thanks!

Hi all,

What did you think about Powcow's video?

For the following steps: julien_d suggested this on Facebook:

"the original tone is like real high but i got a live recording where he takes it one step and a half down, and still keeps its genuine grip you can check it here :"

Do you agree with using the same tone as this version?

We are now waiting for the next instruments! Smile

Hello, everybody. I just did my guitar part, based on the drums of Powcow and following julien_d suggestions for the tone.

Here it is. I didn't published it on YouTube, but uploaded it on my personnal webserver :

To download it, just use the "right clic + save as" function.

ATTENTION : It's a big file, I guess the download will take time

Very nice Josieber! yes

I also watched your video synchronously with powcow's drumtrack, without any arrangement, and the result was cool! Smile

We wait now for the other tracks!

No answer from other instruments yet (piano, violin...), holiday time... wink

Please powcow tell us if you plan to do another drum cover, because all other members will be based on your track. In my opinion the first one is correct!

Thanks to both of you, let's continue now! smiley


ps: Josieber: would it be possible for you to generate an AVI file?

Good job josie!

No, I don't think I'll gona make another track, if it's good for you that's ok for me!

I'll maybe doing another drum cover for Daft Punk but not for love is all! 

Thanks to all

@Admin : Sorry, I can provide almost every type of audio files, but I can't provide .AVI video files. When it comes to video editing, I'm quite limited.

Ok, I'll see what I can do with your MOV file

Hi Dolganoff, Julien_d, any news about "Love is all"? We would like to listen to your tracks! Smile
Please keep us informed!

Hi all!
Here is a mix draft of Powcow and Josieber!

Hello all, I recorded a bass line. You can find it there : and a raw mix with drums and guitar there :

It's not perfect : there is an annoying whistle (first time I record alone), I'm not so regular (plus my groove isn't perfect) and I probably forgot a couple of sharp Blum 3 But, please, take it as a test. However, I'm open to any suggestions.

I ll try to record saxophones now. Have a good day.

Thank you lowje!
Your "test" version is very appreciated Smile
If you could provide a video (at least a photo) if would be perfect!
Well I hope Julien-d will be available soon for the voice too.
See you soon!

Great lowje!

I just find the drums volume a little bit too low on your mix.

But it's cool the project step forward!

Hi all!
here is a link to download the latest version, with the bass:

Now we can hear better the drums. Don't hesitate to tell me if there's anything to correct.

The next steps are:
- including your final version Lowje
- including your track julien-d
- including other tracks (Lowje, others)
- I'm trying to find a pianist and other singers, I'll keep you informed
Thank you!

Hi all!
Here's the latest draft, post on Youtube today!
The saxo come soon, any news Julien_d for the voice?

Hi guys,
I'm sorry that nothing happened for this project, however I feel that new member Nat Ti could be a great singer?
What do you think about it?
I asked him if he is interested, but if you could motivate him it could help
Thank you!

Its a awseome post I can read it great acheivements lets rock!

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