New in CoverWithMe! Teachers and Students

New in CoverWithMe! Teachers and Students

Dear musicians, singers, artists,

Covid19 is currently shaking all aspects of our society, all over the globe.
Music world cannot avoid the new constraints; it is now complicated for many of us to live our passions collectively.

However, CoverWithMe website provides now a brand new functionality:
all members can now register as 'music teachers' and they can propose inline lessons to interested members.

The website displays the list of available teachers with their instrument(s) and a link to join them.

Through a few clicks all music teacher and students can continue to make music together, despite geographic constraints!
- this new functionality and the whole site are of course totally free.

Teachers! Join your first colleagues already present in CoverWithMe! Just update your profile!
To all artists: come and register now - as teacher or not - and play music at home but with other people!

I take the opportunity to thank our faithful members who continuously share video covers and make this website great!
Thank you for sharing, and take care of yourself!