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This site is dedicated to all amateur musicians and singer over the world, and who share their videos on Youtube.

CoverWithMe will help you to find covers and musicians by title, instrument, music style, thanks to the search engine dedicated to you.

Create virtual bands, collaborate with other members on the songs you like.

There isn't any time, any stuff, any geographic or taste constraints with such virtual bands.
Share your solo covers, play at home with perfect synchronization with other tracks.
When all tracks are recorded, transmit them to CoverWithMe: we will combine them into a unique video for you, and will send it to your band.
Send the final video of your new international band in Youtube, and share it in CoverWithMe.

Rate your favorite covers and bands, join the forum to discuss about the newest covers, music instruments, music shows etc.

Finally with CoverWithMe you can play music within a band, but freely, alone, but still together, and share your international covers.
Join us now and discover a new way to Play Music Together!