Coldplay - The Scientist (LIVE vocal & guitar cover)


LIVE video, both voice and guitar recorded in one time via one simple camera of my simple telephone.... Absolutely NO manipulation via computer or other devices or gadgets like everybody else is doing nowadays I've noticed....
Even when you sing like shit you can make it sound awesome by turning a few switches and buttons and whatnot.... Seems to me you're just cheating yourself that way, and why would you wanna do that? I'm sorry that I'm really sceptical about this development, and I already hate any computercrap anyhow... For making us believe we're evolving and getting smarter, while we're just getting dumber and dumber in general each and every fuckin' day, and we, or maybe because we don't trust on our own knowledge anymore and have to look up the simplest things.... Computermanipulating also just toooootally doesn't fit in the concept behind covers, of which the whole purpose is to try to sing or play just as good as you can as your idol, or make a bit of an own version with your own sound... So if everybody is manipulating this shit, the whole fucking idea and the fun behind playing a cover of a song, as good as you can, is completely fucked with this fucked up computer and gadget developments nowadays, might as well not even sing but just move your lips and playback a song then... If you're going to manipulate everything anyway... You might as well not sing at all, just fill that in with your computer later, manipulating it anyway.... With the technolgy nowadays it MUST even sound (much) better than the older original song, made with less technology and shit.....otherwise YOU just SUCK big time.... Sorry, but it's true... But good luck to all the 'musicians'' who claim to sing and play an instrument and really believe that too, while its their computer making aaaaallll sounds in the end..... FAKE...

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Beautiful song by Coldplay, and most people will probably know it... Hope you like my version too! It might be better to open it via YouTube, just by pressing on it, 'cause otherwise the volume is really really low, at least on my device... Enjoy, I hope, and I'd appreciate it if you leave a comment! Thanx!
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Electric guitar
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Techno, electro, dance
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Acoustic guitar
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